HOWTO: Get help with a small runnable sample

When you are having trouble with some aspect of your application and decide to ask for help, it makes sense to share some code so the helpers can get a better idea of what you are asking about. Unfortunately some people either share too much, or not enough. We certainly don’t want to wade through all of the code in your application just to diagnose a layout problem. And we definitely do not want to try to figure out what is going wrong with an incomplete hunk of code that we’re not able to run ourselves.

The solution is to provide a small as possible, yet runnable example that has nothing in it other than the bare minimums needed to demonstrate your problem.

You should start from scratch with this sample, do not just rip stuff out of your existing code base because you will either still include too much, or make the remaining parts be a confusing mess. A big benefit of starting from scratch is that there is a good chance that you will figure out the problem on your own as you go along.

If it takes more than 15 minutes to create your small runnable example then you are probably putting too much into it.

Here are a couple other pages with suggestions about this:

P.S. When sharing your small runnable example and asking for help, please be sure to mention the version of wxPython you are using, the platform you are running on, and the version of Python if it seems relevant.