How would I build from source in ubuntu 20.04?

I have been trying to install phoenix via conda (python 3.7, Ubunto 20.04), but for some reason despite what it says on conda-forge, I can only ever install version 4.0.4, whereas I require version 4.1.1. Unfortunately for me, this means that the way forward is to attempt a build from source, which I am finding to be an incredibly daunting task with precious little guidance that I was able to find.

I found this page: wxPython Downloads | wxPython but was really struggling to make any sense of it. From what I can tell it should be possible to use some file in the "wxPython Extras linux " link that can allow me to install some pre-built version of the package, but I don’t know what to do with the files here, how they help me, nor exactly what a build wheel is.

I use this recipe :