How to make my wx list control update on the closing of a sub frame

Good night everyone,
I have a mainframe with a list control(which is populated by a database) and some buttons. The new button opens another frame(which has a class of its own) in which the user can input text and select some options. I want when the user presses the create button from that new frame:

  1. the database should be updated with the users input(I have achieved this)
  2. the update function from the mainframe should be called to update the list with the new items(this is where I am stuck)
    Can someone please assist me. I dont want to get stuck with using a refresh button. Thanks in advance.

I use the pubsub (publisher-subscriber) package to do operations like this.

Basically the class that needs to send the information calls pub.sendMessage() and the class that needs to receive the information calls pub.subscribe() to register a handler method to process the information. If appropriate, multiple classes can register to receive the same message. I find it works very well.

The pubsub package is still included with wxPython 4.1.1, but because it is so useful outside of wxPython it was also made available as a separate stand-alone package. Due to this, use of the version in wxPython is now deprecated, so I use the stand-alone version instead. This can be installed using:

pip install PyPubSub

Here are some useful links:

The last 2 links describe the use of the pubsub package that is included in wxPython. If you are using the stand-alone package you need to change the import statements they use from:

from wx.lib.pubsub import pub


from pubsub import pub

thank you very much