How to install wxPython for Python 3.4


I would like to install wxPython for Python 3.4. All wxpython versions on pip (wxpython v>4.0.0) result in an error asking me to upgrade to Python 3.5 or higher.

I am working with Windows XP and hence limited to using Python 3.4


I hope you have a good reason to use Windows XP, because that is one very old and very unsafe operating system.

You can find installers for old versions here:

You can also find 4.x binaries up to 4.0.6 for older Python interpreters here:

Yes, I understand. Thank you for the link.


I only see *.pdb files. How would I go about creating a module from these binaries?

Sorry, you’re right. These are only the debug files.
You can download the wheels e.g. from
You should also be able to specify a specific wxPython version to pip.
Try something like python.exe -mpip install wxpython==4.0.6