How to block double click on libvlc instance with a transparent window (for example)

I’m a long way with crafting a kiosk mode application for a raspberry pi, connected to an iiyama 22 inch touch screen monitor, for a museum application.

I’m using wxPython for the GUI interface and libvlc to start/stop the vlc media player (–full-screen, --play-and-exit, --no-xlib)

One of two remaining issue is that the VLC player, once instantiated and started, can be toggled out of full screen mode by double clicking on it (and I’m sure some visitors of this museum will just try this).

In another forum far far away in another galaxy I picked up the idea of placing a transparent window over vlc and have that transparent windows ‘trap’ clicks and double clicks events, thereby leaving vlc in full screen mode.

Suggestions on how to accomplish such a thing are most welcome.

I don’t think that this is available.
You may try EventFilter. I don’t know whether this will work with libvlc, though.

there was shortly somebody advertising a VLC app for Wiki entry: maybe there is some common ground? :slightly_smiling_face: