How do I hide/show the AUI pane?

I don’t know how to hide/show the AUI pane anymore. Tried different ways, nothing works.


 pane = auiLayout.GetPane("Project files")
 pane.Hide() #It doesn't work
 pane = auiLayout.GetPane("Project files")
 pane.Show(False) #It doesn't work

You can give the panel a name via .Name("..."), then reference it in GetPane and then call Update() to update the layout

        self.mgr = AUIManager(self)


                          .BestSize(360, 500))

        pane = self.mgr.GetPane("mypanel")
        pane.Show() # Will show the pane
        pane.Hide() # Will hide the pane
        self.mgr.Update() # Make sure to call Update()
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Ah. I understand. I searched not by name, but by caption, and therefore nothing worked for me. Thank you :+1: