Horizontal alignment flags are ignored in horizontal sizers


I am checking my current project files on several computers. (All Debian testing).

Package works on two of them, however, I regret to say, one chokes complaining
/tmp/pip-install-rbl59mi7/wxPython/ext/wxWidgets/src/common/sizer.cpp(2164) in DoInsert(): Horizontal alignment flags are ignored in horizontal sizers

wxpython version on two working ones, it is 4.0.7+dfsg-8, and on non working one, it is 4.0.7+dfsg-10

I think it is very unlikely, but am I hitting https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/issues/65 issue?

Thanks in advance.


It seems likely that the non-working computer has a copy of wxPython 4.1.x
somewhere that is being found instead of 4.0.7. The path
is not where Debian packages are installed. :slight_smile:

Also, you could fix the problem by removing the horizontal alignment flags
from your horizontal sizers. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your reply.

I checked installed files against Debian package info, and there is no suspicious files. After reinstalling python3-wxgtk package, situation is same.

If nothing works, I will try removing flags.


Why would you want to keep them? They have no effect.

I’m sure the installed files are fine. The likely problem is that you have another copy of wxPython installed somewhere, possibly your home directory.


Thanks for replies.

So far, I have not found any suspicious directory/file under ~/ either.
For the time being, I go without flags. Behavior looks somewhat different, but acceptable.


Can you post two versions of a short example that looks different? There should be no difference.
Maybe you’re using wx.ALIGN_CENTER which is actually a combination of wx.ALIGN_CENTER_HORIZONTAL and wx.ALIGN_CENTER_VERTCIAL.

Apology for insufficient description in my previous post.
Size of the window is smaller, not alignment related (probably)

It looks like that wx.ALIGN_RIGHT chokes, but wx.ALIGH_LEFT does not. Somewhat weird situation.

Situation Changed I updated wxpython to 4.0.7+dfsg-10 on working one. It works! So, my first assumption is incorrect!

self reply
sw2c is correct. I found wxpython4.1 under /usr/local/lib
It looks something like test run, and I completely forget it.