Gui Designer help

I need to create a graphic designer for forms, that is, that the user can place a textbox, buttons, etc. directly on the canvas, resize them, change their position and internally the software can access these parameters of position, dimension, etc.

I dont know where to start, can someone put me in the right direction?


Look at wxGlade and its source code.

Another option is wxFormBuilder. The source code in github

Thanks but its made with C, I want to use wxPython

I was thinking in that software too but its huge… I need to review a lot…

is there a control in wxpython to allow that? I was checking the OGL lib but looks like its not updated since 2003!! and the use is not like others IDEs (for example)

Sure Mario, it won’t be an easy out-of-the-box solution :neutral_face:

I do not know of any wxPython control that incorporates the functionality you desire.

One thing I can think of at this very moment is PySimpleGUI . Dig into it and be prepared that you will still need to review a lot and invest your precious time.

Same goes for my 2nd suggestion (with a wealth of smart code): Boa Constructor . Not being actively developed, it definitively contains some “wheels” you do not have to reinvent yourself.

BTW, in Dutch we have this expression:

Voor niets gaat de zon op


There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Good luck,

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Hahaha in Spanish we have a phrase close to that :joy:

Looks like I’ll need to search and review the source code, I’ll start with wxGlade, thanks for the help!

You’re welcome.

Please Mario, do share that Spanish expression with us :grin:

Sure! In Spanish the phrase is:

Nada es gratis en esta vida


Nothing is free in this live

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Hello Mario. I misunderstood your question:

I thought by forms you meant wxPython panels with wxPython widgets in them. I though your end goal was to generate wxPython code graphically (wxFormBuilder is written in C but can generate wxPython code).

I see from the turn in the discussion that your end goal is not generating wxPython code graphically but creating a drawing app, where the drawings are forms.

To get started on a drawing app you may want to take a look at the FloatCanvas wxPython demo and samples.