GridCellChoiceEditor multi-selection

I have a grid and would like a cell to be edited by the user selecting from a list of options, or rarely, typing in a custom value. GridCellChoiceEditor works perfectly for this… except, the user needs to be able to have multiple options.

I guess what I’m generally imagining is that when they click on the cell, a checklist would appear with a text box at the bottom and they can select options or add new ones by typing in the textbox.

My guess of the situation is that it would be very hard (for a beginner) to subclass GridCellChoiceEditor to achieve this behavior, so I am wondering if anyone knows of other good options for a scenario like this. Or if not, maybe a very high-level overview of what would be required to implement this with a subclass (if it’s feasible at all)?

Hi, elias123

I guess you are thinking of a widget like GridCellComboEditor.
Looking through the demo, unfortunately, I couldn’t find such an option.
Wx.ComboBox is quite easy, though,… :worried:

Right, and I may just use an external widget instead of that to avoid the trouble. Although that makes me wonder, would it be easier to embed an arbitrary unintended widget like that in a grid than design a new grid editor? I can’t really guess.