GetDateFromUser function

I needed to get a date in a simple way and despite wxPython offering wx.GetNumberFromUser and wx.GetTextFromUser, there appears no simple way to get a date.
I offer up GetDateFromUser a custom modal Dialog that fills the hole.

It uses minidatepicker, thus has the ability to customise the calendar and the output format.
Works with wx.DateTime or python datetime values
Uses locale to enable different languages for the calendar.

minidatepicker: See A wx.DatePickerCtrl with a customisable format - #2 by rolfofsaxony (5.0 KB) (18.9 KB)

Version 1.1 update to use image override in version 1.3

1.1         Specifically SetFocus() on the Date selection button on initiation

            Added new optional parameter - images=[]
            A list of 1 or 2 images to override the default images for the Date selection button
            the first is for the unfocused button the optional second for the focused button
            If only a single image is supplied, it is used for both unfocused and focused.

            Requires version 1.3+ of, which introduced image replacement (6.0 KB) (20.9 KB)