Fun with Flags - SVG (2.5 MB)

Rolf presents: Fun with Flags - A homage to The Big Bang Theory. is a series of base64 encoded svg images of Country’s Flags and Regional Flags
with a small set of country details, capital, languages etc and standard UTC timezone information
List of ISO 3166 country codes - Wikipedia

These images are aimed at being used in menus, BitmapComboBox, ListCtrl, TreeCtrl etc. wherever a bitmap can be inserted,
to add some clarity and va-va-voom, to your code.

There are currently 249 Country flags and 315 Regional flags (at last count) in
Regional flags are for Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and the USA

Subcatergories containing the files for lone continents as opposed to the World, has had to be posted separately, due to size restrictions.