Freeze column wxDataViewCtrl

Hi, I have a DataViewCtrl with 7 columns of data. I have the horizontal scrollbar enabled to allow the user to scroll left and right, but I’d like to keep column 6 visible regardless of the scroll position. I’m looking for behavior similar to the “freeze column” feature in MS Excel. Is there a built-in mechanism in DataViewCtrl to enable this functionality? Or is this something that I would need to implement on my own by perhaps monitoring scroll events and adjusting the column ordering accordingly?

I would very much like to know the same thing. In my case, I’d like to freeze the first 3 columns, and have the remainder scrollable. wx.Grid has row labels, which remain static and aren’t scrolled, so it you just want one frozen column, that may be an option, but then you don’t get all the free benefits of using a DataViewCtrl.