Frame and dialog issues

Good day everyone. It is me again and I have come a far way. I am almost done with my app but I have hit a snag.
what it is supposed to do is open on windows startup(I have achieved this by adding it to the startup folder) and pop up with a little frame asking you if you want to view your reminders for today(if yes it opens the main frame, and no will just close it but the app still runs in the background).
2. if the user clicks the desktop icon or the one on the system tray the mainframe will open.
3. when a time chosen by the user for the reminder comes around, a different frame will pop up with the reminder info and the notif sound.
this is what i have yet to achieve and need help with:

  1. i have not found out how to make a small window seperate from the mainframe pop up on startup but if you click the desktop icon the mainframe will open instead.
  2. i currently have the window that will pop once the time comes for the reminder as a wx.dialog attached to the main frame and if i run the app, when the time comes around, it will only pop up if the mainframe is not hidden. I need help with this.

Could someone please assist me with this. I have been stuck on this for a while. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You should be able to show the dialog without a parent frame.
Just call with parent=None.

Actually, an application does not need to have a frame or window at all.
Not sure what the behaviour with a system tray icon is, but from looking at the wx.adv.TaskBarIcon documentation, I don’t see why it would need a frame either.