FloatCanvas problem with GUIModes GUIZoomIn and GUIZoomOut

I am converting code from wxPython to wxPython 4.1.1a1 (a recent daily build, due to Catalina video issues) on both Windows and macOS.

I discovered a problem in FloatCanvas where the GUIModes GUIZoomIn and GUIZoomOut were not working correctly for me. GUIZoomOut, for example, would zoom all the way out instead of zooming out incrementally, and the image center would be reset off screen rather than at the coordinates of my mouse click as it had done in the past.

I could reliably reproduce this problem in my complex code. I did not take the time to create a small sample because the cause of the problem is so clear, once I investigated a little. (Sorry.)

In comparing the source code for FloatCanvas between the two versions, I noticed that the FloatCanvas.py Zoom method changed the format of the centerCoords parameter from all-lower-case to initial-caps. Thus, the parameter values needed to be “World” or “Pixel” rather than “world” or “pixel”. The GUIMode objects for GUIZoomIn and GUIZoomOut did not reflect this change.

I have submitted my first-ever wxPython Pull Request on GitHub regarding a patch for this issue. If I did not follow the proper procedure, please let me know and I’ll remedy the situation.