Embedding in AutoCAD

Hi first post, I am writing python bindings for AutoCAD’s ObjectARX C++ API and I’m searching for a GUI.
Users can opt to use.

I’ve used wxWidgets in AutoCAD from C++, where I could create a top-level frame using SetHWND, where the handle is AutoCAD’s main frame.
And set this as theApp’s top level window.

I would like to do something similar, but through wxPython, is this possible?
I tried via wx.Window_FromHWND, but it seems this was removed.

I’m not looking to link the C++ project with wxWidgets, just pass along the handles

Thanks in advance

Boost::python and python 3.10

I got it to work using the embedded sample and the widgets MFC sample.

1, I built widgets off the matching tag, but I ended up with DLL’s with the custom postfix, I had to alter my widgets to remove it.
Since my project is open source, I’d like to give correct instructions on how to build widgets to match… any tips?

2, is some contexts, python tries to Py_XDECREF wx.App(), causing an exception in widgets core. I’m kind of new to python, so it could be operator error.

3, I need to pass a wxWindow from C++ to python. The I can set the main window in the app, but may need to expose the Document windows

Cheers : )