Drag and Drop labels

Hello, best regard

I am an enthusiast of programming regarding free software. I really like wxPython.

I have a question ¿is it possible to develop a software similar to Zebra Designer with wxPython? I want to develop a software application that produces PDF file with drag and drop objects.


Yes but, depending on the required features, it wouldn’t be a breeze.
wxPython is mostly a gui framework, meaning that it offers all the basic building blocks for a gui (buttons, labels, choices, menu…) and an easy way for arranging them in a window and wiring them to the appropriate user-generated events.
Beyond that, wxPython offers only limited graphic capabilities. You have your primitives for choosing a brush, a color, a canvas… and draw a line, etc… but you don’t have many high-level abstractions to draw and manipulate complex objects. You have to build from scratch, mostly. Building a (desktop) app like https://sketch.io/, for instance, would require a lot of building blocks designing and programming, before you can even start thinking about the actual app and its features. For instance, take a look at the “doodle” example in the “samples” folder that comes with the demo: it will give you an idea of the actual coding for a basic doodle app.
That being said, wxPython does include some high-level graphic features… you can try the OGL library (search the demo for it) for a basic object-oriented graphic library included in wxPython… and/or FloatCanvas (again, hit the demo).

Perfect. Thank you very much for your comprehensive and detailed reply.