Display GPX track on OpenStreetMap map?


Is there a way to display a GPX track on top of an OpenStreetMap map thusly?

Thank you.

Edit: As a work-around, I could grab the first and end points of each segment, build the right URL to use those as directions, and open the default web browser. Not as nice as in-place display, but.


well, marble (but using Qt :disappointed_relieved:)

Thanks. I installed it, but it doesn’t do anything after I open a GPX file.

I need to do something pretty simple: Put all the segments (<trkseg>) in a file in a listbox, and display each when clicked.

well, it’s a good thing the app doesn’t do anything (some apps ruin the input right at the start) unless the user (may be you) is editing it :rofl: (by the way a gpx file is more than just a string of tracks

, I think)

I expected the track to be displayed on the screen.

At this point, I don’t understand what that app does, and it doesn’t seem to do what I need: Make it possible to select, and copy/move segments in a GPX file.

There was a wxPython project called ‘pyslip’ which was designed to display maps, including from OpenStreetMap. I don’t know if it provides any facilities for handling GPX tracks.

It says:

During my work writing geophysical applications in python I often wanted to display a map that was very large - many hundreds of thousands of pixels in width. I searched around for a GUI solution that would work rather like Google maps: tiled, layers, etc. I couldn’t find anything that didn’t assume browser+map server. So I wrote my own wxPython widget. This worked well for cartesian self-generated maps and has been extended to handle non-cartesian maps and tiles sourced from places like OpenStreetMap.

It was last updated in June 2019. However, the link on its PyPI page to a Home page on GitHub is broken, so it is likely that it is no longer maintained.

However, pyslip was ported to use PyQt and its GitHub repo still exists:

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well, .gpx is just an XML and can be manipulated as such by any text editor (human readable etc) or with any XML editor
what sense it makes to apply your wanted operations is completely incomprehensible to me, all I did so far was a copy to my push bike gps and, lucky bike, it guided me the track I had in mind :joy:

well, a still going free app for waypoints, tracks & routes :rofl:

Thanks. It seems unable to select/move segments from one/more track(s) provided by the user.

Deadware Gps Track Editor is usable, but listing segments and letting the user shuffle them would be easier. Currently, I have to export each segment in the right order (01.gpx, 02.gpx, etc.), remove the timestamps, before merging/joinging them back into a GPX.


well, I still haven’t got the faintest idea what you intend to shuffle around in a gpx file but here is another up-to-date tool :ghost:

Thanks, but I want a desktop application.

I’ll see if a treectrl can do the job.