DataViewCtrl different column spacing between 4.0.7 and 4.1a

Hello, in the DVC_DataViewModel demo there is a different behaviour in the the columns’ space usage: in 4.0.7 there is a sort of empty column after ‘id’ column to occupy the rest of the horizontal space while in 4.1a the ‘id’ column takes all the space after ‘like’ column. I haven’t found anything in wxwidgets 3.1 release notes that describe this. Is it a deliberately new behaviour or there is some new style to set somewhere to keep the old one? Otherwise adding an empty column could be a back-compatible solution?

thanks for answers


Python 3.7 win10

It may have been done to make the generic version (used on Windows) to behave more like the native version on the other platforms.

ok, it’s this:

I think I’ll add an empty column