Dabo 3.0 update

I’m sure many of you have read or even reviewed Dabo in the past. I fact just read a follow up someone just posted that contained information on Dabo 9 years old.
Dabo 3 works well with wxPython 4.1 and is used daily. Updates are still happening. Therefore, Dabo is alive and well. In fact people on this very forum have posted update and fixes.

Dabo is very well suited for CRUD desktop apps. I believe it makes CRUD very easy. You do not have worry about how the data saved or even how the data is retrieved. Dabo works on Windows 10, Linux and Macs.


It is always good to know about long living projects, but many people don’t know the project, like me, and my searches did not result in any related sites.

Please place here an URL for the project. Thanks.

sure - GitHub - dabodev/dabo: Dabo: A Framework for developing data-driven business applications
use the dabo3 branch.
If you have any issues just get in touch with me. You can also just run the demo code - most it matches the wxPython demo.

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It took me about a month to discover how things are done in Dabo (and learn most of the Python at the same time, so there was some curve) and now my only problem is that my project didn’t move into the next phase - few key features are still missing - because I keep using what I’ve already done, and can’t use it and develop at the same time… :slight_smile:

Show me or provide a link to your code and I can help. Also helps if you provide an over view of the project - what are you try to do or what might be your issues.

Actually nothing wrong, it’s just that I’m using the app instead of developing it :).

There’s trouble with class designer and a few other tools, which crash because the current wx is more strict about a few things - you can’t set alignment if you’re setting a control to expand (which is, IMO, a nonsense - if setting to expand the alignment should be ignored), and in many other cases it complains about scrollbars having zero or negative height (probably because they still didn’t show up yet), but the errors are coming from gtk, where they can’t be caught, and they all had to be marked as critical. Too deep for me to debug.

But then I learned to love the logic of wx and Dabo, of using sizers, and wrote my forms in code. Clean and easy (using pycharm as my IDE), and I love it. So I decided that I actually don’t care that the class designer doesn’t work.

I totally agree with not using ClassDesigner. On the average I can code a fairly complex form in about 45 mins. I do use it to create a bizObject (data model) - it is faster than I can do it.
I recently discovered an issue with paths and pushed code to the dApp.py (couple of days ago).
I still have issues with grids on Linux but it is deep in GTK (sometimes I get an error when I resize a column). On Windows I do not see the same issues.