Customizing default fontStyle

Hi everyone. I’m developing a project using wxpython. But I see that the default size of font (fontWeight) is too small. I want to use another style of font for all my project , for example setting the size to 13.5 and use wx.DECORATIVE . How do I do it?. Thanks.

There is no way to set it globally throughout the application, (other than changing your system-wide settings for all applications.) However many of the controls will inherit their parent window’s font when they are created, if the parent already has a non-standard font set.

That’s to say that if I even create a widget I must set the same front each time?

You can do it that way, but what I meant is that if you set the desired font on the parent window, say a wx.Panel, and then use that panel as the parent window of some other widget, like a button or a static text, then they should set their font the same as the parent panel’s font.