CubeColourDialog leaving trails on some controls

When I run the CubeColourDialog example in the wxPython demo, some of the controls leave a trail of shapes behind when I adjust them.

  1. HSB Wheel - this leaves a trail of black outline rectangles when I click and drag on it:

Screenshot at 2021-03-19 13-54-54

  1. RGB Cube - this leaves a trail of wire-frame cuboids when I click and drag the control points:

Screenshot at 2021-03-19 13-55-08

  1. Brightness slider - this leaves a trail of black rectangles when I click and drag on it:

Clicking on the HSB Wheel or the RGB Cube clears any existing trails from the other controls, but clicking on the brightness slider doesn’t. Changing a value in any of the SpinCtrls clears any existing trails on all 3 controls.

The trails can soon make the dialog look very messy!

I am running Python 3.8.5 + wxPython 4.1.1 gtk3 (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.1.5 on Linux Mint 20.1

Does this happen on all platforms, or just Linux + gtk3? Can it be fixed?

I already had reported this issue CubeColorDialog drawing issues - Linux Mint 20 LTS · Issue #1891 · wxWidgets/Phoenix · GitHub and I think it should be fixed now (probably in the next release).

(Correct me if I am wrong…)

Thanks for your reply @CorrectSyntax

I temporarily copied the latest version of from GitHub into my wxPython 4.1.1 installation and ran the wxPython demo again.

The problem of the width of the SpinCtrls has indeed been fixed.

However, as I expected, it has had no effect on the problem with the trails on the HSB Wheel, RGB Cube or Brightness Slider controls.