Context menu in STC not showing ë for Dutch localization

I am using a scintilla page in a aui.notebook, and using localization for Dutch, nl_NL.
The default context menu shows wrongly the corresponding word for Copy. Other menus in the app, show correct, because they are actually translated.
This is the wrong context menu:

For other languages (I tried some with diacritics chars), they are OK:
context_menu_German context_menu_Japanese context_menu_Polish context_menu_Trukish context_menu_Czech context_menu_Finish

Could this be a problem with wx? Bad encoding for that piece of text?

It looks to me that it’s a mistake in the *.po translation files, see here:

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Many thanks, @Andrea_Gavana for having found the problem in wx, and for having made so many good modules in wxPython.

Done a Pull Request :slight_smile: