Compatability with Python 3.12

Will there be a release of wxPython compatible with the official python 3.12 release? If so, is there a timeline in which it will occur.

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I just tried installing wxPython 4.2 on a clean python 3.12 windows 10 just using pip. It worked for me. What issues are you seeing?
That said, there are many modules that are not installing.

Though the pip installation throws no errors, installing from conda-forge fails because there is no specified compatibility with 3.12. This makes it difficult for updating packages depending on wxpython to 3.12 on conda-forge.

Oh I believe that - I have actually stayed await from all the fancy tools to install modules. Mostly, because I am not the best with the new stuff.

@jfabiani : I think you have not missed much.
Often, people are telling me, Python is sooo complicated when it comes to installing extensions. When I ask, I usually find that they are not using Python but Anaconda or some other setup…
The only bad thing I can say about pip is that pip.exe is useless and should get dumped and people should just use python -mpip instead.

@Sparky : Where does Conda get the info that a package is not compatible? For me that looks more like a Conda problem than for wxPython.