ComboBox.Select() doesn't trigger EVT_COMBOBOX

I’ve got a combobox that, when selected, will display a set of data in another list. Users can add new values to this combobox, and, when they do, that new item is selected by default. However, I’ve quickly learned that using the ComboBox.Select method doesn’t trigger my EVT_COMBOBOX event. So, when adding a new value, the list still displays all of the values from the previous selection.

From what I’ve read, this is working as designed. The problem I’m having is that I can’t find a workaround for this or at least a better way of handling it. There are other lists that need to be populated based on selections in “higher” lists, so I need these events to cascade down from one selection to the next. I tried PostEvent(), but that just doesn’t do anything (could be using it wrong).

Looking for advice. Automatically triggering the events would be most elegant, but I don’t see a way of making that happen. So, what are the best alternatives?

Why not make your event handler like this?

def on_combobox(self, event=None):
    if event is not None: event.Skip()

def fill_combobox(self):