Cant set selected row color in ultimatelistctrl in report mode

Hi All,

This is a little odd, and I’m missing something here.

I’m using Python: 3.11.7 and WX: 4.2.1 with an ultimatelistctrl in virtual mode as an LC_REPORT.

There does not seem to be a way to specifically set the text color for the currently selected row. By default the color isnt great for contrast.

I did some searching and there was a fix for this in this email:

Specifically this section:
I also added another ticket for an enhancement, which allows the user to specify what color is applied to an item that has been selected/highlighted.

I looked this tracker number up in github and it shows the changes, however they are shows as ‘-’ which means removed right? Sure enough when I look at the current release, none of these changes are included.

Was this change proposed and never included, or included but then removed? It seems like a pretty good idea.



well, one simply has to love this list: it’s a tinkerer’s paradise :rofl: (I doubt your wish was ever anticipated :partying_face:)

The source code for the version of in the archived wxPython Classic repo, shows it does contain the SetSelectedTextColour and GetSelectedTextColour methods.


Near the top of that file it has:

# Latest Revision: 30 Jul 2014, 21.00 GMT

However, all the versions in the wxPython Phoenix repo that I have looked at have:

# Latest Revision: 27 Dec 2012, 21.00 GMT

I suspect the version in wxPython Phoenix was based off a previous release of wxPython Classic and didn’t get the later updates, including the two selected text colour methods.

well, it looks as though they had to backtrack in order to (re)make it runnable at all :flushed:

Hi @RichardT thanks for digging into this. Well, certainly not ideal if we’ve dropped revisions in the process of moving from Classic to Phoenix but I guess (Hope??) someone thought it necessary at the time.

So, million $$ question, how do we get this back in? Just looking for the right process to raise this the right way and request it be implemented. I’m more than happy to test the old changes in Phoenix as I implemented my own version to make this work before realizing that someone else had done it previously.


The first step would be to create a new ‘Issue’ describing the problem in the wxPython Phoenix GitHub repository.

See: Issues · wxWidgets/Phoenix · GitHub

You then have to wait to see if anyone adds any comments to the issue. If you are very lucky, another wxPython user may be sufficiently interested that they would submit a Pull Request (PR) containing the code changes necessary to implement the functionality.

However, if nobody else is interested, then the only way to get the changes made is to create a PR containing the fixes yourself. This will require some knowledge on how to work with git and GitHub.

See: ContributeWithGIT - wxPyWiki

If the Pull Request is accepted, it will get merged to the wxPython master branch (usually by @swt2c). It will then have to wait until the a new release is made, which can only be done by @Robin.

well, there are loads of pretty ideas in this list, one just has to get the hang of what was intended :rofl:
HIGHLIGHT I’m afraid is what it says. background & text highlighted :sneezing_face:
but what about style ULC_BORDER_SELECT which gives a (nice?) frame ? (greetings from a framing time, somehow I think, and thanks to Steve & Larry those days are gone :sunglasses:)