Can't import wx on MacOS

Hi, Installed Python 3.7.4 on my MacBook but 3.7.4 but it won’t import wx in a script. wxPython is installed because it will import wx into the internal version of Python, just won’t run it, (hence the need to install a framework version). How can I tell if the framework version is looking in the right place?

Hi, I fixed the problem. The Michael Driscoll book, Creating GUI applications with wxPython, provided a different wxPython install command ( $ python3 -m pip install wxPython --user ). I ran that and can now import wx into Python 3.7.4. Thank you Michael…

Just for Curiosity’s sake, how did you do the first install that had problems?

I originally installed wxPython using PIP which pointed to the pointed to the Apple-bundled version of Python.