Building wxPython on Fedora 32 with docker

Hello all,

I am using Fedora 32 for the development of RIDE, and now I needed to test it on Python 3.9. Realized that there were no packages for it, so I went for the building of it. Then I found that docker fails on Fedora 31 or higher and there is a replacing command, which is podman. Later got problems in using podman without root powers. After having all nicelly fixed, I prepared the changes to share with you.

Anyone needing the wheel, for Fedora 32 or Fedora 33 with Python 3.9, can get it from

I have created a Pull Request, so that users wanting to build wxPython on Fedora, can easily do it.

@Robin I would like to have, at least, Fedora 32 and Fedora 33, packages here:

Thank you all