Building Phoenix on Windows

Dear wxPython Devs,

I haven't built Phoenix on Windows for years... trying to do that now I get this:

Finished command: etg (6m13.22s)
Running command: sip
sip-build --no-compile
‘sip-build’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Command ‘sip-build --no-compile’ failed with exit code 1.
Finished command: sip (0.56s)

What am I missing? I have downloaded all the dependencies needed (sip, doxygen, waf, …).

Thank you for any suggestion.


Make sure you are using sip 6.7.5.

Thank you - that did it up to the never ending “attrdict” stuff. I’m unclear exactly what limitations the “” script is suffering from that it won’t figure out that “attrdict” or “attrdict3” or “attrdict725_beta4” is needed, given the number of people who reported this already.

No complains here though, sooner or later I’ll be able to build Phoenix like I used to do in the good old days.


Besides the official instruction, I found the following information useful:

So I finally succeeded to build Phoenix on a non-English Windows 10 in the following step:

  1. Install the sip and attrdict3 packages.
> pip install sip attrdict3
  1. Open Git Bash at the Phoenix repository. Then type:
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ python dox etg --nodoc sip build
  1. Have a coffee break for one hour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it’s unfortunate that Robin started using attrdict3 as part of the build process. It seems that pip won’t install packages that are needed for the build process, only for installation. So, unfortunately, you need to manually install it first.