Build wxPython 4.1.x using VisualStudio 2019


I have posted this question already in the “discuss wxPython” category (Build wxPython using VisualStudio 2019)

So far, I could not solve my problem/question using the contributions from the other users. I guess the question is more related to the development topics so I submit it again here. I apologize for the duplication.

Here is my original post:

is it possible to build wxPython 4.1.1 on Windows using only Visual Studio 2019?
After quickly browsing the build scripts I had the impression that VS2019 is not supported yet.
The build script did find my installation of VS2015 (it seems to be a fallback if the specific version used to build the python interpreter is not found). When I “hided” the VS2015 installation, the VS2019 was found not by the build script.
As far as I understand, the Python 3.9 is built using VS2019 so it should be possible to build wxPython for Python 3.9 using VS2019 (?)

Are there plans to support Visual Studio 2019 or am I missing something?

thanks and best regards
Detlef Maurel