Basic Graphics Packages

Any suggestions for basic graphics packages to be used with wxpython?
Just simple graphics for lines, circles, rectangles will work for now.


wxPython already has built in facilities for drawing lines, circles and rectangles.

The following sites include some example code:

You can use a device context (DC) to draw graphics on windows. Since they are low-level APIs, the degree of freedom in drawing is high, but it takes time to get used to it.

You can embed matplotlib into wxPython and build rich GUI applications that can draw various figures such as lines, circles, images, etc. in logical coordinates called axes with an intuitive interface. So I mainly use it for graphics work.

I use FloatCanvas, which has proven to be fantastic for graphical annotation of image files.


For wx device context, you can look at the demo for “ScrolledWindow”:

For embedding a matplotlib canvas, there are some examples provided with wxGlade: wxGlade/examples/matplotlib3 at master · wxGlade/wxGlade · GitHub