AuiManager - Pane autosizing, what is pos, layer, pos?

I have two question topics. The first is probably easy for everyone else, but me :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading what I can find on the AUI widget system specifically the AuiManager. There is some mention of position, layer, row here:

I’m wondering if someone could elaborate on the following:

  1. Position
  2. Row
  3. Layer

From reading the section at the top of the documentation discussing these many times I still haven’t really grasped the concepts. I’m still struggling with questions like the following:

  1. Position
    1a. Is this a mechanic that allows you to prevent windows from being stacked on top of one another yielding something like a notebook with tabs?
    1b. Do the numeric indices control the frame/pane’s place in a column stricture?
  2. Row
    2a. is this just a literal row with two panes side by side, the user can force this to happen to again prevent stacking? So the row is a literal row and the “position” above is the column locations?
  3. Layer
    I don’t really understand the layer at all and can’t glean much out of testing code.

Any elaboration would be very helpful.

My second question area involves how to get my panes sized and expanding correctly. I’ve attached my current code progress below. (4.6 KB)

I am close, but as usual the last 10% is the hardest. I also see this working in the wxPython example and the AGW example but I can’t get this working in my example program.
I’m trying to lock the bottom two panes called “file_Browser” and “Notebook” so that they stay the same size upon the user resizing the window. So if the user makes the window larger the “Notebook” pane only expands in the X (horizontal direction). I need the “Plot Panel” to expaned in X and Y. I’m trying to develop an app for users to plot data and I want the file browser and controls panes to stay the same size and the actual plot to expand if the user makes the window bigger.

There are two parts to this really. I need the window to open with the sizes set to something similar to the screenshot below where the two bottom panes are smaller.

I’ve tried MinSize().BestSize().MaxSize() and none of these seem to work. I’ve also tried to match the wxPython example as best as I can because the wxPython example does what I’m looking for. In the wxPython demo the main central window is the only one that fully expands and it is the same functionality I’m after. I think my application is very similar but still doesn’t seem to behave the same way.

Any advice/comments would be very helpful - I’m running low on ideas and not sure what I’m missing.