Apperarence of error popup each time i run the script


Pls help me in removing this popup. It appears each time i run the script.

In cmd I get

Error: Unable to set default locale: ‘unsupported locale setting’

I am working in virtual environment, wxpython.
Also it does stop script execution.

There were some changes in Python related to the default locales on Windows that caused some mismatches between it and wxWidgets. I’ve been trying to adapt to the change to keep all parties happy, but so far there’s still some glitches. See for some more details.

The error you’re getting probably means that something in your system or environment is setting the default language to en_IN, but it’s unable to actually set the locale to match. The first thing I would try is to create your own class derived from wx.App and override the InitLocale method to do nothing but pass. If that doesn’t help then that is the point where you can add code that does whatever you need to get the initial locale settings working on your system.

Sorry, i have missed the “not” in “Also it does stop script execution”.
The correct line would be “Also it does not stop script execution.”