AGW Window manager without a "Center" panel?

Is it possible to have AGW Window manager without a without a “Center” panel specified so that all panels dock, etc the same way? I looked at this similar question and answer but the suggestions there didn’t work.

Is this possible? Any other solutions someone can think of?

Note: The problem is that after I undock the center panel and redock it there is a big hole left where the center panel used to be.


The aui layout manager seems to have one or more placeholders for the CenterPane’s always. So, if you hide or float the center pane, the placeholder remains empty.

If you want to fill the hole, you need to make another pane a new center pane and re-dock and update it.
For example:

>>> pane = self._mgr.GetPane('name of another pane')
>>> pane.Direction(wx.aui.AUI_DOCK_CENTER)
>>> pane.Dock()
>>> self._mgr.Update()
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