A default slider alternative

Hello everyone,
I offer you this little personalized widget to replace the default slider.
You can use this control on all the backgrounds you want since it has no background unlike what exists on Windows :frowning:
Feel free to edit the source and suggest your improvements and your own versions of the control. If you are interested in this project and would like to participate, please provide a complete and functional source on this page.

custom_slider.py (24.4 KB)


  • Windows 10/11 | Python 3.11.6 | wxPython 4.2.2 | wxWidgets 3.2.3

  • Linux Mint 21 | Python 3.10.12 | wxPython 4.2.1 gtk3 | wxWidgets 3.2.3



Here is another very interesting link (thanks Gabriel):
wxPython Custom Range Slider Widget

Here is version 1.0.0 final with some changes and screenshots for Windows and Linux:

custom_slider.py (29.3 KB)

Screenshots of Windows and Linux Mint:
1-bitmapLinux 2-bitmapWin 3-colourBlackLinux 4-colourBlackWin 5-colourLinux 6-colourWin 7-colourPdcLinux 8-colourPdcWin 9-gradientLinux 10-gradientWin 11-disableLinux 12-disableWin