Wxpython apps developed as tutorials

Over the last few years I developed, for my own use, several wxPython applications. I posted them on Daniweb, a site for which I was a moderator. Because the tutorials also contain questions from other users, as well as answers, plus code revisions, I will not reproduce them here, but I would like to offer links to those tutorials in case anyone finds them useful.

A Sudoku assistant in Python/wxPython

Creating a GUI wrapper for VLC in Python/wxPython

Hello ReverendJim,

> ‘I would like to offer links to those tutorials in case anyone finds them useful’.

All tutorials for wxPython Phoenix are useful.

A link to Sudoku assistant already exists here:
Link here :

Page general - Other snippets:
Link here :

Thank you !
The community appreciate.

That always reminds me of my apprenticeship as a car fitter when there was a missing spare and I had to go down to the knacky yard and fetch a decent substitute:

we didn’t call it cut & paste, it was still go & find :wink:

Are you sure you posted that in the right thread?

what makes you doubt?

Well, if you want to explain what wxPython tutorial projects on Sudoko and VLC have to do with your apprenticeship as a car fitter, I’m willing to hear you out.

Well, Zig_Zag wrote (in red) that ‘All tutorials for … are useful’ and one he posted lately was somewhat queered, nevertheless copy & pasted it I suppose because it ‘worked’

This way of going along was on my mind and I think its nice to see how hard & soft work can be done in a very similar fashion :cowboy_hat_face: