wxMessageDialog/Box insufficient IQ

I really feel like with very low intelligent quocient being unable to do some trivial things.
Here is a piece of my supertrivial code which just provides some info on users request. Using both MessageDialog or MessageBox results in the same behaviour.
Attached is the photo how it looks like. I tried everythig possible and impossible but “minimize” icon remains always there. How to get rid of it!?? Or even get rid of the bar? (if possible)
It seems there is some problem with forums as now Google returns a lot of “not found 404 errors”.

Here is the code :

  dlg = wx.MessageDialog(self,  str(nemocnica[0]) + '\n' +
                                  'PLYN             = ' + str(plyn[index]) +  
                                  'MIN LIMIT        = ' + str(low_limit[index]) + ' kPa\n' +		 
                                  'MAX LIMIT        = ' + str(hi_limit[index ]) + ' kPa\n' +
                                  'ODCITANA HODNOTA = ' + str(tlak[index]) + ' kPa\n\n' +

The wx.MessageDialog is a special kind of beast. Although the class is derived from wx.Dialog it really isn’t one, but rather a shim that directly invokes the platform’s native message dialog. That means we do not have the full range of control over it as we would for a real wx dialog object. In other words, this is a case where it might look a little like a duck, but it does not quack like a duck.

You do have options, however, if the native wx.MessageDialog doesn’t meet your needs. You can create your own dialog class derived fromwx.Dialog and put content and controls on it however you like. There is also a MessagePanel class in wx.lib.msgpanal that can be used to layout the text and buttons using an API very similar to the wx.MessageDialog.

Thsnk you!

I use raspberry with wxPython on raspbian system.
Unfortunatery it seems that MessagePanel does not work with linux?
Also wxDialog behaves very similar to the wxMessageDialog. The “minimize” icon can not be disabled. :frowning:

The main problem I face is that when I click minimize icon the display completely blanks off.
The close icon or ok button normally works just closing small window leaving instruments on the screen.
I found also wxMiniFrame but also it seemd does not work undre linux?

Finally I managed to do something acceptible using wxMiniFrame, see attached photo. Miniframe was the only widget accepting style as SYSTEM_MENU so no close, minimize maximize boxes, no ok button. Now the window closes automatically after 5 seconds. The result is there are somwhere terrible bugs about style properties. I use preinstalled raspbian with installed wxPython for both 2 and 3 version. Behaves exactly the same. Would be nice to have this corrected for the future.

On Linux/Unix platforms the window decorations (borders, caption bar and its controls) are the responsibility of the running Window Manager. All wx can do is provide “hints” and it is up to the WM what it will do with them, perhaps even ignoring some of the hints.