wx.AuiTabArt seems to do nothing

Hi all, I’m having some trouble changing the colour of some tabs, was wondering if you could help.

So I’m using a sub-class of AuiNotebook, within it’s __init__ I’ve created a notebook:

wx.Aui.AuiNotebook.__init__(self, frame, id)

Got the handle of its art controller:

self._art = self.GetArtProvider()

and used that to set the colour of tabs from a dict defined earlier (cs):


And it seems to have no effect - the tabs are still their default colour. I’ve also tried getting the ActiveTabCtrl and this just sets the colour of the tab backboard, not the tabs themselves:

self._tabCtrl = self.GetActiveTabCtrl()
self._tabCtrl.SetBackgroundColour(cs['note_bg']) # Sets colour on area behind tab

Am I doing this wrong, is there some other way to set tab colours that I’m not getting? Any help would be much appreciated!

If I use SetArtProvider to use an AuiSimpleTabArt rather than AuiDefaultTabArt then it does change the colour, but I want AuiDefault style tabs just with the colour changed…

What platform are you on? It looks like on Windows and Linux that wxWidgets is using a native tabs implementation for wxAuiDefaultTabArt which are probably ignoring any calls to the customization methods.