Writing a Help System for a wxPython app

Hi All,

I need to develop a cross-platform help system for my app. I’ve looked at the HtmlHelpController, but I’m not finding a lot of examples for it to help with my understanding of it. Plus, I’m not too keen on getting tied to the Microsoft Help Studio package (yes, I know it runs under Wine).

That being said, I’m wondering what everyone else does (realizing as I do that a lot of open source apps have no built-in online help system).

All advice, ideas, etc., gratefully accepted.

I based my Help system on the wxHtmlHelpController and it works
beautifully on Windows and MacOS. I don’t use Microsoft Help
Studio. It’s not required, so I’m not sure what you mean about
being “tied to” it.

  If you want to see what I've done with it (for Windows and Mac

prior to Catalina), you can download my Demo version at
, and you will be able to look
at the files that drive it by looking at the install’s help


The HtmlHelpController uses the same format of input files (*.hhp, *.hhp, *.hhc) as the MS Help for defining the contents, index and etc. for the help documentation, but you do not need to use the MS Help tools to author them. They can be written by hand, or some other documentation tools can be used to generate them like Doxygen, Sphinx, docutils, etc.

There are some sample help files here: https://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets/tree/master/samples/html/help/helpfiles