Wiki access to returning user

First, A big Thank You for Robin Dunn for dedicating your time, hard work, patience and energy on everything wx, Classic, Phoenix, the website, documentation, the wxPython demo, and on the wx-python users for all these years! :smiley:

(I’ve been proudly using wxPython since 2003, but the last time I reached out for the wxPython community was via the mail list and I was using wxPython 2.6 or 2.8 or so maybe a decade ago (!). Since then I found myself doing less and less programming but that has changed several months ago.)

I think it is a good idea for me to start helping a little and update my old wiki pages and others (for example, Pierre Roleau’s “Python, wxPython and internationalization (i18n)” refers to a script that still works but need some minor changes for Phoenix), but that would require write access.

So, according to the TrustedEditorsGroup page, I hereby claim that I am human and humbly ask the Editors to add my user ID to the wiki. :smile:

What is your ID?


Thanks in advance.

You’ve been added. Thanks for wanting to help out.

Robin, I apologize for the trouble but I’m terribly sorry to confess that my former password isn’t working, and the mail address linked to that old username is dead. :sob: I created a new Id <e.a.tacao>. Can I use it instead?

Thanks in advance.