Why the context of wx.form show reverse (vertical flip)?


I have used the under follow sample for create the form from wx but the context are showed reverse such as minimaiz, maximaiz, close and buttons and controlbox. And also the text in richeditctrl are show in vertical flip. Way? How to solve it.
I have used pycharm to run the code:

import wx # Next, create an application object. app = wx.App() # Then a frame. frm = wx.Frame(None, title=“Hello World”) # Show it. frm.Show() # Start the event loop. app.MainLoop()



It sounds like a localization issue to me. Is your computer set up to run in Arabic, Hebrew, or another right-to-left language?

If so, check out wxPython’s wx.Locale and python’s locale.


My editor showed what I believe are suppose to be quotes as double back ticks. Once I replaced the double back ticks it worked as expected. Linux python 3.8.x wxPython 4.1.x

Hi David

I think my problem is like yours. I have done the some code like locale.Setlocale(LC.ALL,‘en_US.utf-8’) but it have not solve the issue.
I think I should be found a config file or some things else in Anacond environment.
Could you help me?

Best wishes

Hi David

Thank you.

The problem solved by changing the format language in control banel.