Translate or change text of Overwrite prompt dialog before saving

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing okay

I have a wxPython application in both german and english. I am using the overwrite_prompt flag in File Dialogs to detect possible overwrites of a file before saving and warning the user

However, this message only appears in english, it doesnt matter if I change the wx.Locale to german or if I set the language of the PC to german. I am running this in Windows 10, Python 3.9, wxPython ‘4.1.1 msw (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.1.5’

Is there any way to change this text manually to implement a translation (I am using gettext for translation) or to set it to other languages?

Thanks for your help, time and contributions to this community

FileDialog is a system dialog, and that includes the confirmation prompt. It should abide by your locale setting, it does on mine:

I don’t think you can set the text manually. This has to be something to do with your locale setting. I’m guessing that any MessageDialog’s that you make yourself also have Yes/No button labels instead of the Ja/Nein, am I right?

When you set the system locale to German, does everything get translated on the start menu and in settings and such? Just asking to make sure your Windows is an edition that comes with German texts.