Tracking your Project History and Code Changes

How do you keep track of your project history? I’ve been using the tried and proven log.txt format for years. Github has Wiki pages, does anyone use those to track history?
What do you use to document changes/progress made in your projects?

I have recently started to use a CHANGELOG, with manually inputted content.

You can see my project RIDE, CHANGELOG here which references the standard it uses.

Hi Mike,
I don’t think it is the best way, but I scratch changes, todos, issues, ideas, etc. to history.txt, and exclude the “history.txt” from tracking. If you are using git, the project history is written in the commit message.

@Helio_Guilherme If you don’t exclude CHANGELOG from the tracking targets, the change of CHANGELOG should be written in CHANGELOG? :wink:

Like @Helio_Guilherme, using a manually updated “Changelog” or “What’s New” file is a good way to give a curated overview of changes to complement the more detailed git history.