Sharing a Document Map (aka Minimap) for

Hi all,

I’ve been having fun with wxPython for an odd 3 years now. Kudos to Robin Dunn et al.

As promised on LinkedIn to Andea Gavana on his birthday early May, here’s my first post. Is it uncategorized? I put it here, anyway…

It is a document map, seen in Notepad++. Also known as the minimap in Sublime Text. As the concept intrigued me while writing my own editor, SPyE (Scintilla/wxPython based Editor), I started studying, learning and coding.

Written for in wxPython, here it is.

Enjoy. Will soon be publishing it on GitHub and linking it here.

See attachment. Remarks etc, are welcome.

Sláinte and have fun

as a “new” user I don’t have authorization to upload files (I’ll be back :wink:)

Hi Thom,

Thanks. Just popped into your GitHub repo.