Seg Fault with menus

Python 3.8.x, wxPython 4.1.x, Ubuntu 20.
I’m getting a seg fault when I attempt to use a Menu. The drop down appears but when I attempt to use the dropdown menu I get a seg fault.
I wonder if anyone has any insight on what might be causing the issue. Below is what I get when I use gdb run ./myscript:

Thread 1 “python3” received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation falut
0x??? in meth_wxMenuItem_Enable (sipself=

I can’t really provide an example because I when I create a menu from scratch all works. Also when the sig fault occurs it locks up my VM. I have to restart the VM.

But you can provide the exact output ?

(the above suggests not to be)


I did not realize there is a part missing (sipself=
Not really - there is a gdb statement after the crash (something about continuing or checking the cause - can’t recall at the moment). However, it does not matter since the VM is completely locked up. The mouse moves but I can’t do anything. The keyboard does not work. Nothing but the mouse and to be honest I’m not sure the mouse is doing anything in the VM.

OH wow there is still a part missing:
optimized out
all of the above was on the line.

This might be a known bug:


Thank you I now see the bug report. But I do not understand what I need to change to get my menus to work correctly???


Well if you are experiencing the same bug (it would be good if you can confirm based on the reproducer in the GitHub issue), then you’ll need to wait until Robin releases a new release with my PR.