Reload() full in wxpython

hello, good morning i’m new to wxpython and i’m building my first application with wxpython i’m afraid of problems au reloading a module that eat several modules as it depended, so you can understand the python reload () function reloads the module in question without your dependencies, I would like to have a suggestion to do a full reload

If you’re using reload then you are likely trying to run multiple instances of wxPython apps from a single Python process, which is highly not recommended. Instead, you’ll be better off to start each run of the application independently from the command-line with something like “python”.

If you need to use the REPL to assist with development, or just to have it available to the users of your application, then it is fairly easy to add a PyShell or PyCrust panel to your application. And for development-time assistance, the Widget Inspection Tool is very helpful.

good morning, i have a program that searches in a postgresql DB and gives me the possibility to add data to the same db, what i want and that when i add a new data and i click to update it reloads all modules and gives me updated dB data. I thank the attention.

What I believe you are asking is “how to do CRUD with wxPython”. There is an old tutorial using SqlAlchemy (it will work with Postgres too):

The only issue is that it uses python 2 and and an old version wxPython. That said, it should provide a simple example of how to do CRUD programming. There is also Dabo which can use python 3.x. Let me know if you are interested in Dabo.

good afternoon, thanks for the tip