Related to modal-less wxframe

Hello all,
A WX GUI is built over a Commercial cfd tool i.e Numeca CFView. wx frame is used to create the UI over that tool. Im using a modal-less approach to show the frame on top of the tool. But Im not able to access the main tool menus, when the UI is launched.
Please help me in understanding on how to build a frame so that i can have access to the main tool also.


I think more information will be needed. When you say “on top of” do you mean the wx frame will be in layered front of the other window, or alongside it on the upper border? The former is likely to be very difficult, as the wx frame is likely to intercept all mouse events events even if the other window is visible. The latter (alongside) should not cause conflicts, as long as each are able to process their event loops.

I noticed that the CFView website says that all functionality is accessible via a Python API, so maybe you can use that API in a wxPython application that is designed the way you want it to be, instead of trying to make two applications that don’t know details about each other to work together.

By saying On top of, I mean I use SetTopWindow(frame) to set the main window. Also the frame which I use has Parent = None.
Im able to access CFView minimize and maximize buttons. But the other icons like file, menu etc cannot be accessed. The moment I close the frame/app , the last operation done on CFView gets displayed. Like for eg : If i click on File before closing the frame, then after closing the frame te File operation is displayed in CFView.