Refactor ThumbnailCtrl, create stand-alone ScrolledThumbnail widget

I created a pull request on GitHub for a significant reorganization of the ThumbnailCtrl control, creating a stand-alone widget, ScrolledThumbnail, which can be used in other applications.

This is my first modification to wxPython and my first GitHub pull request. Please let me know your comments.

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For the record, the PR is here:

Hi –

I’ve resolved all of the comments on the pull request. I also created a
demo program for ScrolledThumbnail widget.

I noticed that GitHub flags the added demo program with the comment
“This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository.” I’m not
sure what this means. The file has been added to the “master” branch in
my GitHub repo. Is this because it does not in the wxWidgets repo?

What are the next steps?