RadioBox in a menu: single line instead of multiple rows

Is there any way to make radio buttons of a RadioBox in a menu (pull down on a frame) be on a single line (as opposed to multiple rows)?

Thx and cheers…

Try this, wxMSW only

Better still, look at the demo


Thx Thom, appreciate the response.

I saw the “Break” method but was not clear it would do what I wanted. I’ll use the code as a model and see if the results make sense for me.

BTW - the “import run” at the end of the code…where does the module “run” come from? I got a “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘run’” error when I tried to run


The demo code is part of the wxPython demo application. Therefore it uses wrapped code to fit into that “framework”.

Look here on how you might adapt a single demo source to run independently from the main demo app.

You should also be better off when downloading the demo - see topic Demo Application.

Then run:


Thanks much.!! I’ll check it out…