PC / RPi behaviour difference

I am beginner and want to “develop” my app on PC screen hoping just to copy it in RPi raspbian system to work in the same way. I have intalled wxPython on RPi from source without error message.
I have 8 instruments on the screen (adapted SpeedMeter). I use sizers to place them on the screen automatically and equally.
Problem is that the same code is not producing equal pictures on RPi.

This is from RPi screen shot (over VNC): last 3 instruments are a bit bigger font sizes:

This is from PC screenshot, all instruments the same:
// I try to upload it in a second post as I am newcomwer and I have limit of 1 picture :frowning: //

Is it my mistake in my code? Or where should I search for the problem?
I am not able to upload code here, is it possible?

Thank you for any help!

And of course, I would prefer if all instruments for both PC and RPi are the same size as first 5 instruments on RPi - the numbers are not written over each other.

Each instrument is made from the same class and it has got inside original command for fonts:

     SpeedWindow_x.SetTicksFont(wx.Font(8, wx.FONTFAMILY_DECORATIVE, wx.FONTSTYLE_ITALIC, wx.FONTWEIGHT_BOLD))

What I understand it affects numbers and also short lines.

Some obvious things first:

  • I’m assuming you’re using the default desktop environment on Raspbian? (If that doesn’t mean anything you likely haven’t)
  • What operating system does your PC run?
  • Are you running the same wxPython version on both your PC and the RPi?

If your PC is running Windows that might explain the difference.

Fonts are an area where it’s hard to get things to be exactly the same on different platforms, as they all have their own quirks in how they render the glyphs. You may need to just use different sizes on the different platforms.

Thank you for answers.
But I am afraid you both answered my question on something else.

My problem is that the fonts within RPi version are not the same size. Running the same code on PC Windows 8 everything works well - all “kPa” texts are the same size.

On RPi in first line all “kPa” are the same size but in second line only first (left one) is the same size but remaing three are bigger.