Need help about 'good practice' and give event in bind widget

What is a squeleton ?

I don’t get it, you want something working for exemple ? I can share you the whole app, all is working while you don’t click the widgets

so let’s chair then, me not clicking & app be working: I’ll try me best :thought_balloon:


Ca ne me pose pas de souci pour continuer en Français. (sorry for English perosn passing here …) A voir si on se fait blammer! :wink:
As tu résolu ton souci?

Non pas résolut, j’ai vu en cour de python hier ce qu’était les super je pense que je n’ai pas réussi a le faire pour mon projet , comme je débute dans le codage j’ai du mal avec certains principe

Still not found how to do that, ive tryed to do parent like Alexis said,but my first script FinalProduct import every other script and they all not compile on the line ‘From FinalProduct import*’ because i need to give them the parent ex: (in the subscript ‘class Name(GUI)’ (wich is from FinalProduct)
Any idear to do that or other way to finaly gave them the ‘event’ ?

Got news from my new teacher that helped me a lot, my code hierarchy was not good, he explain me how you do it properly, so i can do what he say it should work, i’ve learn that application should first though to how build it before codding it, my bad. I’m still learning.
So for now i’m trying to re work the file i’m giving news if there is progress or not . (Actually have a problem to call the last parent it say name ‘GUI’ is not defined when GUI is the one that call that file)

What i was doing before

what i actualy need to do (if a newcommer like me come to understand the problem)

I don’t know why but with hierarchy giving it like the last screenshot there is a script named GraphFrame between GUI and Widget who has the line

wx.Frame.init(self,None,wx.ID_Any,“GUI Using WxPython”,size=(700,500))

The ‘self’ give me the error PyApp() too many argument anyone has an idear?

I’ve just uploaded an example of how one could separate the event handling from the control: it’s all there in wx!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On the exemple i dont see how do you separate them. It’s not separate in the file its in different file that im speaking

Oh my dear, good that you told me (I bet you are a real rascal) and try to have the two files near each other when you test it: for simplicity the one with a ‘1’ in its name is the main etc (but maybe you have covered these elementaries already and I simply worry too much, happens lately)

give it a try and if … don’t hesitate etc :sweat: (1.1 KB) (1.6 KB)

Didnt get the part with ‘rascal’ was i rude in the last post? Didnt mean to if it was . Im going to check it tommorow after class ty.

I just have to gave them wx.EvtHandler to get the event from other file ? Oo

I’m a European and therefore not native English speaker, but rascal for me is not rude. Once upon a time my then English Lady friend had cats (usually one at a time) and when they swung in the curtains and I tried to tell them off the good old German way she would just say: oh well they are little rascals! Maybe I got it wrong but it’s one one those heavy context driven terms I rather like because they are the molesters letting AI go to the walls!
I believe that brains (human or animal) are not just a pile up of bits & pieces and if the disc is big enough the two valued logic will do it: it’s just another disguise of creator. Those ideas are just driven by the anxiety we may not master it, the negative part of zealous ambition at times when the aim gets foggy, and those who are vigorous enough make a business model out of it (but I think I went a wee bit off topic, sorry) :ghost:

and you can chain them in a doubly linked list so there shouldn’t be any hindrance in taking your project apart: let’s be a devil! :exploding_head:

How do you do that ?ive learn double link in c++ and only to get value from class object

My project is a complete mess i don’t understand anymore what i need to do and where i need to do ;-;
If this continue i will just drop it , it take to much time and never work

by reading the docs & having my hands all over Geany 1.36 :heart_eyes:

or if you don’t want to be bothered by all this push, pop & on_destroy (run ‘gb_view_botch_up’) (885 Bytes) (1.6 KB)

I hope a good example that not every thing that works should be done… :partying_face:

But don’t panic, even if you don’t want your separated handlers be chained there is still a way of doing it: just clear up behind you (a universally good idea) :sneezing_face: (1.0 KB)